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Tattoos removal with laser



The advanced technology of Q-switched laser systems opens to a new, less invasive form of treatment for removal of unwanted tattoos and pigmentations.


The laser treatment is the most effective way to get rid off tattoos without scars.
Alternatives such as branding the upper layer of the skin or surgical removal might have
high risk of leaving scars.


The effect of the laser is that of a very short, intense laser pulses. It trigger the trapped pigment and do a absorption by shock wave and destroy each into smaller fragments, compared to the skin cells large pigment particles.

These small fragments and reactive products can be transported away from the body's scavenger cells, mostly through the lymphatic system.

Longer pulses of laser when are used inappropriate (distance suitable for instance) might cause burns, scars, inflammation, color change and other unwanted side effects.

Some lasers are suitable for hair removal and not for tattoos.


Application Examples


Depending on the color pigments of introduced a tattoo reacts differently to good
Laser radiation, therefore, different laser systems with different
Wavelengths are used:


Black, blue Nd: YAG laser, 1064 nm (IR)
Red frequency-doubled Nd: YAG laser, 532 nm (green)
Green ruby laser, 695 nm (red)
Bright colors (eg white, yellow) and some of the modern, colorful tattoo - colors are difficult or not at all removed with laser, because no corresponding laser wavelength is available.


Too deep engraved colored pigments are located outside of the penetration depth
the laser used, this is about 2-3 mm.


Number of treatments
The number of treatments required depend on several factors:
- What colors were used?
- How deep the pigments are inserted into the skin?
- In what intensity the colors were introduced?


Professional, double pierced, very intense tattoos require multiple treatments. The degree of whitening'm even complete removal is evaluated by Kund / different inside, in some cases, is sufficient to brighten when eg a cover - up to be tattooed.


A statement about the expected required number of sessions is often only after an action possible in most cases are 6-10 sessions sufficient. Follow-up appointments should be agreed at a distance of at least 4 weeks
are longer intervals have no negative influence on the results.



During treatment tailored to the laser safety goggles must be worn !!!
The focused laser beam is guided over the tattoo, the spot diameter of the individual spots, the energy density and the pulse repetition frequency are adapted to the task.
The process is not without pain, if necessary, the skin areas can advance with locally
effective, anesthetic creams can be treated. ASA, aspirin or the like, is less suitable as a pain reliever, as a result, the blood coagulation is reduced.

After Treatment

The treated areas immediately appear bright, causes are emerging air bubbles in the skin. These supposed depigmentation is -leider- not the expected result. Immediately after treatment, a reddening of the skin occurs over the treated area of ​​the skin beyond a slight swelling is possible. The superficial leakage of lymph and blood in the area of the treated area are also normal. With stronger pain sensation the treated area may be slightly cooled after treatment. If necessary, the affected area with a pantenolhaltigen cream (Bepanthen example) can be treated. It is very important that you never touch the laser field with the hands without having these previously washed with pH neutral soap or disinfect with hand sanitizer. (Disinfectant for at least 30 sec. Exposure can !!!)
Most laser tag and the following day prevent water from entering the laser spot, then dab gently after showering, so as not to tear the crusts. In the days following form crusts, which usually heal easily. With appropriate assessment, the development of hypertrophic scars is not completely excluded, but very rarely. The risk is increased in a secondary infection of the wound after treatment. Therefore, any manipulation of the crust (scratch) and strong friction should be avoided. Also check out in an environment of increased risk of infection (eg swimming pool, sauna, garden work) are not recommended until healing is complete. Four weeks should the laser areas are well protected from sunlight (sun block). If necessary, topical antiseptic can be applied for disinfection. From about a week after the laser treatment resulting crust with appropriate wound healing creams can be treated much greasy products are not suitable. Risks and side effects downtime due to treatment do not occur, all activities at work or in leisure can be resumed immediately, intense sport so is discouraged.
Hypopigmentation (lighter than normal skin color) of the laser-treated skin area
to normal in all control of himself, but may well have a few months
continue. Any strong UV - exposure of the treated skin area (solarium, intense solar radiation) before or after treatment increases the risk of pigmentation alteration and should be avoided. Pain that occurs more than a few days after treatment, this could cause indicative of infection, please contact in this case the studio! Depending on the colorants used in some cases may also photochemically decomposition and degradation products that are considered hazardous to health, it is possible in particular with some red pigments. However, the nature of the dyes used by the tattoo artist is mostly unknown.
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